Beverly Diamonds Return Process

The great thing about purchasing from Beverly Diamonds is the ability to return your purchase smoothly. The main concern of people buying online would be the ability to return the purchase when you’re not happy with it. Let’s face it, purchasing an item you haven’t seen personally is pretty difficult especially when buying jewelries. So for Beverly Diamonds return process, they made it simple and secure.
The ordering process with them is fairly easy and quick. Pick a ring design that you like, select the center stone size and quality, and finally your ring size. Once the checkout is done and the order has been placed, it takes a few days for them finish crafting the whole ring and the shipment usually takes one to two business days. Once you finally received the ring from the mail, it’s only either you’ll love it or you’ll not. If the ring did not really meet your expectations, you do not have to worry about being stuck with it. The Beverly Diamonds return process is easy.
According to the website’s return policy (located at the bottom of their Homepage), you have 30-days from the purchased date to return the merchandise to them for a full refund. For a company who makes the rings to order, not paying a restocking fee is amazing. Some companies would charge some amount for restocking any product being returned. First thing you need to do when you received the ring is to contact them through email or phone to request an RMA number (Return Merchandise Authorization). Since their office is located at the one of the biggest jewelry center in the Jewelry District of Downtown Los Angeles in California, not all packages are allowed to be delivered to the offices unless it has an RMA number. This request is the first step of the Beverly Diamonds return process.
Second, once your request has been approved. The RMA number will be emailed to you along with instructions on how to safely ship the ring back to them. One of the instructions will tell you to put the ring in a concealed packaging before going to the courier. This is necessary to ensure that only you know that the package contains fine jewelry, therefore, avoiding loss and theft. Beverly Diamonds’ return process and instructions should be carefully followed to guarantee the shipment’s delivery to them.
Finally, once they receive the merchandise, the ring will undergo inspection to make sure the ring has not been tampered with during the course of its travel. Usually, it take 24-48hours for inspection and if everything is good, the refund process starts. Refund is usually posted 3-5 business days after inspection is done, if the reversal of payment takes longer than this, you would need to contact your card issuer to check when the refund will be posted. This is how uncomplicated and effortless Beverly Diamonds’ return process is.
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Getting ready to propose.

When I was getting ready to propose to my girlfriend of 3 years I went online to look for proposal ideas. Maybe I am not very original or I lack creativity, but I was looking for the absolute best and most romantic way to propose. After browsing many websites and articles, I ended up on Like anyone else that has fallen into youtube’s trap, I spent at least 7 straight hours watching different peoples proposals. Call me cheesy but I thought some of they were very romantic. However non of them matches exactly what I was looking for. I want this to be the perfect proposal.

Along the way to try to find the best way to propose, I stumbled across some not very successful proposals. I can not begin to imagine how embarrassing it must have been for the guy proposing. For example one guy proposed in Disney Land and in front of hundreds of people, the girl said no. The guy looked mortified. The video goes on with the woman saying why she said no. She said no because she did not like the ring. This made me freeze. I do not think that my relationship will depend on the style of the ring or the size of the diamond. However, if there is a possibility that the ring could affect my girlfriend enough that she might say NO. The first thing that I have to do in getting ready to propose to find the perfect ring and then work on all of the other things.

Looking for the perfect ring was not as easy as I thought it would be. There are so many websites come up. Each company advertises different rings, and there are so many different prices for everything. I went with a ring from Beverly Diamonds because they offered some of the best prices on the Internet. As well as I loved their selection. Honestly, choosing which ring to purchase from them took a little longer than I hoped it would take because I liked too many of the. Ultimately I think I chose the right one. Now onto planning my proposal. It is a little too late for this but I definitely should have starting looking for rings first when I started getting ready to propose.